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Inner Mindful Essense
Online Program

Through life's ups and downs, I credited mindfulness practice with connecting me to a backdrop of joy and inner peace. Yes, according to Dr. Siegel, presence (a key component of mindfulness) really is correlated with joy!

Except, I felt that my mental backdrop were the unwanted beliefs and distorted inner dialogue that disturbed my inner peace like an annoying mosquito, and front and center was my sacred observing self and the wonder, peace, and joy of connecting with an inner mindful essence. 

Included in the Program:

Inner Mindful Essence is particularly valuable for individuals who would like to let go of unhelpful beliefs and overthinking associated with excessive anxiety and stress, or who want to experience a "holiday mind" awareness, infused with the wonder of peace-filled mindful awareness. 

Mindfulness is particularly significant for parents and carers, as parental practice of mindfulness has an impact on their children's well-being and behavior!


Inner Mindful Essence Online Journey includes:

  • Grounding Meadow Mindfulness Meditation (and workbook),

  • Uplifting and Empowering Wellbeing Backpack Meditation (and workbook),

  • Soothing Mindful Emotions Meditation (and workbook),

  • Cleansing Morning Mindfulness Routine Meditation (and workbook).


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A peek inside the program...

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