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Practice Values

Clinicians at Neurodiverse Psychology Interventions celebrate neurodiversity and the value it adds to the community. 

We strive to support individuals in identifying barriers to their wellbeing, learning, and communication, while celebrating their neurodiverse identity and strengths. 

Neurodiverse Psychology Interventions acknowledge the responsibility that society has around accommodating persons of all abilities, learning styles, needs, and strengths. 

My Story

Like for many parents of autistic children, my neurodiversity journey started within a medical setting, literally at a time my little one (then aged 2.5) was staying overnight at the hospital, recovering from an allergy reaction. It was at the time that an observant pediatrician noticed that his play was atypical and involved exploring toys visually up-close. 

The subsequent journey felt like a roller coaster ride, not so much in relation to coping with the sensory needs of my toddler (at the time), but in relation to myself redefining how I understood what it means to parent an autistic child. Ten years into the journey, I now have two little ones on the spectrum, each incredible in their unique ways. I have gone through countless parenting programs and I'm excited to continue my the never-ending learning journey undergoing further tertiary studies in autism. 

Amongst the mixed pot of emotions our family experiences every day, yes, there is stress, love, frustration, joy, the dominant one I feel is the gratitude for how my neurodiverse family opened within me a deeper appreciation and acceptance of diverse ways of being and relating to the world, as we celebrate the many gifts and strengths that come with being on the spectrum. 

Within my professional capacity, I strive to combine evidence-based, standardized assessment, with individualized recommendations and timely support for my clients. As well as diagnosing autism and helping my clients with identifying barriers to their wellbeing, relationships, and learning, I hope to offer a spirit of celebration of their neurodiverse identity, goals, and strengths. 

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